Don Victorio's Market

Don Victorio's Market

Organic Produce Store and Juice Bar in West Palm Beach

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We are offering online orders for your convenience. Enjoy freshly-made juices and some of our essential items available to order online for in-store pickup.

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Providing the Freshest Produce in West Palm Beach

When it comes to quality food products, Don Victorio’s has the right selection for the right price. Serving the area for over 10 years with ethically sourced fruits and vegetables from local farms.

We are the top choice for locals who need a grocery store that does more for their community. Shopping at our store supports local farmers who work hard to provide quality produce that can compete with national brands. 

Enjoy a vast selection of organic food products, as well as more affordable conventional choices. EBT transactions accepted.


April 7, 2020


The safety of our employees and customers is our priority and we have been taking precautions to contain the spread of COVID-19. An employee, who is now in quarantine, has tested positive on April 6th and was last in the store on April 1, 2020.

All employees have been notified. 

The store was deep cleaned and sanitized multiple times since then and we will continue to enforce social distancing practices. Our employees will continue to follow our daily cleanliness and sanitation protocol, enhanced to protect our safety.

To allow time for restocking, cleaning and sanitizing, our new hours of operation are 8:30am-5:30pm.


Don Victorio’s Market 



  7 Abril 2020


La seguridad de nuestros empleados y clientes es nuestra prioridad y hemos estado tomando precauciones para evitar el contagio del COVID-19. El 15 de marzo, 2020 implementamos el uso de máscaras, guantes y distancia social. Un empleado, que está en cuarentena, resultó positivo en Abril 6 y estuvo por última vez en la tienda el 1 de Abril, 2020. 

Todos los empleados han sido notificados.

La tienda fue limpiada y desinfectada varias veces desde esa fecha y continuaremos imponiendo las prácticas de distancia social. Nuestros empleados continuarán siguiendo el protocolo de limpieza y sanitización, mejorado para proteger nuestra seguridad.  

Para cumplir con nuestros nuevos requisitos de higiene y prevención, nuestro horario nuevo será 8:30am-5:30pm. 


Don Victorio’s Market 

We always use local farmers first. This helps keep pricing affordable, and ensures that you get the freshest produce available.

Enjoy our Organic or Conventional items that are available at the best prices in town.

Made fresh daily, using our own fruits and vegetables. Enjoy our specialty and custom made juices at our fresh juice bar.

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